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The JMI Team

Sharon Habif, licensed clinical psychologist, has been in private practice for 20 years, with a focus in marriage and family therapy. One of her greatest joys has been helping people improve their relationships; educating them on how to better communicate, by focusing on the other person, seeing them in a positive light, and helping them feel that they are a priority. She “signed on” with JMI because of her strong belief that the best way to help the Jewish community is to strengthen relationships, especially Jewish marriage, which is the “foundation” of all Jewish life.


Rabbi Mordechai Pollock has been involved with Jewish education over two decades in a variety of settings. He holds a Master’s of Science in Business from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Master’s of Science in Counseling from Georgia State University. He is passionate about teaching timeless Torah wisdom about strong and fulfilling relationships to Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations.


Professional Advisory Committee:

Mrs. Sheila Cohen M.S. – Family and Marriage Counseling M.S. Clinical Social Work
Dr. Aaron Feldman -  Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Laura L. Robinson (Wolfberg) Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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