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Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious: to teach millions of Jews the attitudes and skills to make their marriage and other relationships strong and enjoyable. Jewish tradition has a plethora of messages that have kept the Jewish home the pillar of strength and stability throughout the ages. The home kept our ancestors strong in the most trying of times and in the best of times. Most Jews today have had little exposure to the treasure chest of wisdom, both practical and esoteric, that powerfully informs and animates those who are open to it.


Many are surprised to find out how "progressive" Judaism is in supporting family life, especially the cherished leadership role that Jewish women since our Matriarch Sarah have held. Empowered with this centuries old inspiring message, the challenges that face every person in any meaningful relationship are not only doable, they are uplifting.


Modern day psychology and the self-help literature have developed many models and approaches that help us practically implement change and growth in our relationships.


Marriage education is not therapy, nor counseling. It is learning for men and women, for teens, singles as well as couples who want to learn more about making their most important relationship, their marriage, the best it can be.


Change in people is not simple thing. The secret ingredient? The excitement of learning in seminars and classes with others. Reading books is nice, it certainly can help…but we all can really enrich our relationships by coming together with others to learn. Don’t worry: WE NEVER ASK ANYONE TO SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION, NEVER!


Empowering relationships with timeless Jewish wisdom and modern psychology,

JMI is taking relationships from good to great.


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