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The Intimacy 101 E-course is a four-part series which is comprised of videos and short PDFs. Designed to be engaging and encouraging, couples watch the videos together in the privacy of their homes.

Taking this course WILL 

bring the two of you closer together.

This course offers: 


An enjoyable date night like no other.

Four segments on your schedule

Privacy of your own home


The Cost?  Just $99

The videos are 20 to 30 minutes long, the PDFs are called Take Homes helping you capture the most important points. The course is based on Marital Intimacy, a landmark book written by Rabbi Avraham Peretz Friedman. 

Rabbi Ilan Feldman

and the author, Rabbi Avraham Peretz Friedman

share their endorsement of Intimacy 101

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Endorsement from

Rabbi Avraham Peretz Friedman

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Rav Yaakov Hopfer on Intimacy

Rav Hopfer was speaking to live audiance about shalom bais. His talk had no connection to this course per se.

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Questions About Jewish Intimacy


The Western World that we live in is all about sex. 

And yet, and yet…intimate relationships today are awash in pain. 


Judaism has volumes to say about making our intimate relationship fulfilling and pleasurable. 

The problem? Very, very few of us ever heard these ideas.

You’re a Jewish Adult. You're married. 

Do you know the answers to these questions?


  1. What are the four approaches to intimacy we have seen throughout human history? Which one do you subscribe to?

  2. Ideally, who should initiate intimacy? Why?

  3. We are told we must avoid the Nine Middos during intimacy. What are they and what is their central theme and message?

  4. “Stolen waters are sweeter” How does Judaism harness this powerful reality in marital intimacy?

  5. What is the real purpose of Family Purity known as Niddah?

  6. We are told intimacy is the paradigm for all of Judaism. In fact the word “mitzvah” when used generically in the Talmud refers to intimacy. Why?

  7. What is the true relationship between our evil inclination and the Torah? The answer will likely surprise you…

  8. Does Judaism condone intimacy for the sake of the mitzvah if the husband or the wife is not deriving pleasure?

  9. In what way is Judaism absolutely unique in it’s approach to intimacy? Different than Christianity, Islam, the “Western” approach. Totally unique. 

  10. What is the most powerful thing WE can do to ensure our kids and grandkids have a strong marriage?


In this course, you will learn the answers

to all of these questions and more.

This course offers: 


An enjoyable date night like no other.

Four segments on your schedule

Privacy of your own home


The Cost?  Just $99

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