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Marriage Coaching

Group Coaching

for Couples, Men and Women

Participants may remain anonymous. Our discussions will focus on YOUR questions and will all be online. Questions may be submitted beforehand or during the session verbally or by chat. Each session runs an hour in length.

To view current offerings:

Individual Coaching for Men

Individual coaching sessions are for fifty minutes long and cost $150. These sessions are also online. Coaching is not therapy. In coaching, Rabbi Pollock will help husbands identify areas of strength and areas that can be improved providing the education to do so successfully. The accountability of having a coach can make a real difference to many. Participants are welcome to switch between individual and group coaching if they so choose. See the form below to get started.

Individual Coaching for women

Mrs. Sarah Werbin works with ladies to enrich their most important relationship.

About Mrs. Werbin:

I coach married and engaged Jewish women who are looking to increase the love and intimacy in their relationship.

As a Rebbetzin of a community who counsels women, I am passionate about enhancing marriages through the Torah's guidelines. My training began over a decade ago and I am certified as a Life Coach through the Professional Life Coach Program at Maalot Yerushalayim (under Master Coach, Rabbi Geisler, famous marriage therapist and author, Chana Levitan, and Penina Freundlich). I also underwent an intensive training as a Kallah teacher through Connections: The Jewish Marriage Institute, with an emphasis on intimacy (under the well-known Julie Lurie, who trained under Rebbetzin Yonina Gruner as well as The Gottman Institute and Laura Doyle). I am a rebbetzin of a community in Atlanta, GA and aside from seeking guidance from my husband, I also seek guidance from Rabbi Ilan Feldman (Congregation Beth Jacob of Atlanta GA), Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld (Rosh Yeshiva of Machon Shlomo), and Rabbi Yossi Stilerman (Rosh Mesivta of The Center for Kehilla Development), as well as local frum marriage therapists. 

I myself have sought and gained guidance to continuously grow in my marriage and am all the better for it. That is why I am here to provide this service to women who are looking to take their marriage to the next level. And yes, I am trained to help women identify why it’s sometimes hard to get in the mood and what to do about it! I have been able to help women achieve success in reigniting the passion and joy in their relationship.

To get started working with Mrs. Werbin, please visit her website,

Individual Coaching for Men

Please give us some info, we will get back to you shortly.

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