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Marriage Education & Coaching for Jewish Couples


What We Do

JMI offers dynamic, engaging, multi-faceted learning experiences open to Jews of all walks of life and backgrounds. We offer E-courses that can be taken from the comfort and privacy of your own home, as well as regular free content. Marriage Coaching is available in two formats: groups of men and women and couples coaching.

Couples learn the attitudes and skills of strong, enjoyable, and committed relationships. 

Founded on ancient Jewish knowledge and modern psychology, JMI's programs are filling the gap in education that virtually all of us have. We all have years of in schooling in reading, writing, and arithmetic. We typically have zero education about relationships and marriage. Every couple experiences challenges during their journey together through life. Having the knowledge to navigate life's most important union will make all the difference in your marriage.


We look forward to learning with you.

Wedding Venue

Rabbi Dave Silverman,
Atlanta Scholars Kollel

I really enjoyed the 5 Love Languages Lecture. The presentation and the questions and answers were great. The global goal is nothing less than visionary. Nothing short of reinforcement is going to get this to become a part of a person's thinking. It's a great product and I think it's really helpful for people in social relationships.

Rabbi Adam Starr,
Congregation Ohr HaTorah

Rabbi Pollock's presentation was thoughtful, engaging and insightful. It presented in clear terms how to better communicate love in the complex world of marriage.

What People Are Saying About JMI

About Rabbi Mordechai Pollock

Rabbi Mordechai Pollock has been involved with Jewish education over two decades in a variety of settings. A student of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College of Baltimore, he received a Master of Science degree in Business from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Master of Science degree in Counseling from Georgia State University. He is passionate about teaching timeless Torah wisdom about strong and fulfilling relationships to Jews of all backgrounds.

Rabbi Mordechai Pollock

The Jewish Marriage Initiative Atlanta, GA 30329

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