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"Do yourself a favor and go see and hear Rabbi Mordechai Pollock, an expert in the field of Marriage and Relationship. He offers a delightful presentation on the award-winning book 'The Five Love Languages'. Learn what your love needs are and that of your partners. Guaranteed to bring your marriage to a whole new level of understanding. You’ll be happy you went!"
Rabbi Yossi Lerman, Chabad of Gwinnett

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The Challenge

The Family is weakening. Couples are struggling. The effects of disharmony are easily seen in many that we know. And the worst part? It seems to be getting worse, not better. The reasons are numerous. We come to offer one powerful, multifaceted and effective solution.


The Jewish People have risen to many, many challenges over the years. We must rise to meet this challenge, to ensure a strong Jewish Family for ourselves , our children and grandchildren. 

The Solution

The Solution?

Dynamic, engaging, multi-faceted learning experiences open to Jews of all walks of life and all backgrounds. Teens, singles and marrieds coming together to learn the attitudes and skills of strong, enjoyable and committed relationships. Founded on ancient Jewish knowledge and modern psychology, JMI's programs are helping create a vibrant Jewish Marriage Education Movement. 


This movement will find most success by working together with Jewish leaders and organizations from across the Jewish spectrum. 


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